Here is a complete list of sound effects used in Hello Gangster.





“Mahjong” by RTB45

“Toilet Flush” & “Clothes Dryer” by JasonElrod

“City Street Traffic” & “Glass_Bottles_02” by Dheming

“Big Crash” by PatrickLieberkind

“Throwing a beer can in a hole.aif” by Tomlija

“STE-017-ceilingfan” by xinaesthete

“Beer bottle break 2” by Tomlija

“Squeaky Shoes” by Drewskie7

“Wetbelch4” by plingativator

“Snoring” by everythingsounds

“Cough” - “BC car on gravel” - “bm_Hard_Drive” by cmusounddesign

“RadioStatik1” by skiptracer

“Refriderator Door (Opening and Closing)” by ultradust - Andi Roselund (Sangwha Comm)

“car horn” by THE_bizniss

“Radio annoyance” by PTSPProductions

“Hang-up3” by ondrosik

“Cell Phone Vibrate” by SmartWentCody

“Globo caida” by Crater RF

“shop_door_bell” by 3bagbrew

“dog in distance” by MAJ061785

“radioFM-tunning” by trip_sound

“ObjectFalling4” by icaroferre

“Ringing in the Ears” by hykenfreak

“Weird Answerphone Feedback” by TJ Mothy

“Keyboard typing” by avakas

“Whip Crack 01” by CGEffex

“080316 Dodge truck revving in driveway” by BoilingSand

“bart-interior-200080710” by mab

“Car Breaking Skid 01” by Iberian_Runa

“PoodleWhine1” by GB01

“PlayfulDogBarks” by bmccoy2

“Run basement01” & “Fluorescent Lamp 090324” by LG

“Burp Short” by ullikins

“Running_Slip_on_Gravel” by Tdude9000

“fan_heater” by geodylabs

“Crowd in a bar (LCR)” by Leandros.Ntounis

“sorento interior 35mph” by dkaufman

“Bar atmosphere - Busy” by fogma

wind_thru_ac_vent” by joedeshon

“Heater Mechanism” by Benboncan

“Parking Garage” by jakobthiesen

“Trash Truck Reverse Beep” by mkoenig

“Thai Lottery” by RTB45

“National Anthem at the Bus Station, Thailand” by MayaButi



“Woman scared breath sneeze yawn” by jaide714

“Mobiltrad” by nelhans

“Dog” by ljudman

“405_Car_Horn_Serenade” by cinemafia